About Us

Our mission is to help eradicate cancer by early detection

Lumasonix is a medical device company commercializing hybrid ultrasound and photoacoustic systems for rapid and accurate diagnosis of cancers.

Our non-destructive blood cell analyzer works without fluorescent reagents, doesn’t rely on any specific biomarker and individually examines each cell to generate the full profile of the sample. It offers an attractive method for monitoring treatment efficacy and disease progression by tracking the cancer cells as they mutate over time (and may gain and/or lose expression of specific biomarkers).

Our tumor margin analysis technology enables breast surgeons to quickly and non-destructively examine the excised tissues during the lumpectomy procedures, thereby improving the clinical outcomes for their patients at lower overall costs.

Our breast imaging technology non-invasively detects cancers in dense breasts and accurately distinguishes healthy tissue from cysts, benign and malignant tumors without requiring invasive biopsies.

Lumasonix is a team of biomedical physicists, big data and healthcare IT experts. Lumasonix receives guidance from business and science advisers with deep experience in the medical device industry.


Naveed Nazir, Founder CEO


Naveed began his professional life researching photonics and spectroscopy, developing lasers and instrumentation with lasers, optics and high speed electronics. Later, he designed communication systems, medical devices and created innovative technologies for multiple startup companies.

Naveed’s management experience includes being the founder of Equivox Inc, a systems integration company. Prior to that, he was an engineering manager at Intel Corporation and 3Com Corporation leading geographically dispersed engineering teams to success.

Naveed holds M.Sc in Physics, M.Phil in Laser Physics both from Quaid-i-Azam University in Pakistan and a MS in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia.


Eric Strohm, PhD

EricSEric is the key inventor of Lumasonix Blood Cell Analyzer technology. Eric earned his PhD in BioMedical Physics from Ryerson University in 2013 and has worked as Postdoc Research Fellow at University of Toronto and Ryerson U. He was also a cofounder of Echofos Medical. His research publications include High resolution acoustic and photoacoustic imaging of single cells, Single cell photoacoustic microscopy, Acoustic impedance imaging of cancer cells, Classification of blood cells and tumor cells using label-free ultrasound and photoacoustics, Properties of cells through life and death, and more.



Ivan Kosik

IvanKIvan earned his PhD in Medical Biophysics from the University of Western Ontario (2017) and his research interests focus on the development of photoacoustic computed tomography systems. Ivan was instrumental in the development of the Lumasonix Tissue Imaging System since its beginnings and his experience continues to aid in translating photoacoustic technology to the clinic.




Business Advisers

Malik Slassi, PhD

Malik is a successful entrepreneur. He was the Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Fluorinov Pharma Inc. acquired by Trillium in January 2016. During his career he has been involved in numerous multinational R&D collaborations. He is an inventor with over 130 issued and published patents and patent applications, and author of more than 65 scientific and review articles published in international peer reviewed journals.

Frank Florio

FrankFFrank is an experienced executive leader in the Med Tech industry. He is adept at building high-performing leadership teams, winning commercial strategies and financial performance of multiple organizations. Proven agility in adapting to varying environments with an ability to engage and motivate teams. Broad healthcare market experience in medical devices, diagnostics, life sciences and health IT verticals.




Adi Treasurywala

AdiTAdi is a business consultant focused on building winning strategies and teams. He has worked in Big Pharma and small biotech in various capacities. He has built and led teams of interdisciplinary, intercultural, multinational individuals in many different areas and has provided leadership in commercializing technologies.





Sam Mian

Sam MianSam is Entrepreneur and Consultant with over 20+ years of hands-on experience in business strategy, project management, project engineering, business development, and sales and marketing. In today's extremely dynamic business climate, he provides an outside perspective to help businesses and entrepreneurs succeed in their endeavors.



Science Advisers

Prof. Michael Kolios

KoliosMMichael is the Associate Dean of Science, Research and Graduate Studies at Ryerson University, Toronto; and the Canada Research Chair in Biomedical applications of Ultrasound. He's an accomplished researcher and a visionary leader. His research interests include Ultrasound Imaging / Acoustic microscopy; Optoacoustic Imaging / Optoacoustic microscopy; Use of microbubbles for Imaging and Therapy; Bioheat transfer, hyperthermia, thermal therapies; and Optical Coherence Tomography Applications


Jeff Carson, PhD

JeffCJeff is a Scientist at Lawson Health Research Institute and the Associate Professor at University of Western Ontario. His research interests are in molecular imaging lying at the intersection of chemistry, physics and biology. His research in 3D photoacoustic imaging forms the basis for applications such as breast imaging for identifying lesions as malignant or benign. 




Dr. Muriel Brackstone, MD PhD

MurielBDr. Brackstone received her training in General Surgery in London, ON and became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 2004, concurrently with her PhD in Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics. She completed her fellowship in Breast Surgical Oncology in Toronto in 2005 under Dr. Claire Holloway and Dr. David McCready at Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre.

Her research interests include breast ultrasound to improve lumpectomy techniques, translational breast cancer research, and specialty clinics for Locally Advanced Breast Cancer (LABC) patients and Young Women with Breast Cancer (fertility and genetics issues). Other clinical interests include thyroid surgery, laparoscopic procedures and a varied general surgical practice.


Terry Thompson, PhD

Terry TTerry is a recognized expert in magnetic resonance imaging. His research interests include investigation of brain pathology associated with neonatal brain injury. His work provides further insight into the way in which insults to the developing brain influence brain maturation and might impact upon the individual's function in later life.

  • Terry is a distinguished Professor, Division of Imaging Sciences, Department of Medical Imaging, Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Western Ontario.


Aaron Fenster, PhD, FCCPM

AaronFAaron is Tier-1 Canada Research Chair and Professor at University of Western Ontario. His research is focused on 2 broad research programs: Vascular Imaging and Image Guidance in Oncology. The research program spans the spectrum from idea generation to translation to the clinic and to the private sector.  The research has generated numerous publications and inventions, which have advanced the state of knowledge in the field and are used worldwide in diagnosis and management of human diseases.



Qiyin Fang, PhD

QiyinFQiyin is the Canada Biophotonics Research Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Physics and the School of Biomedical Engineering at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. His research interests include imaging systems for biomedical and environmental applications. He is prototyping the imaging system for Lumasonix in the Biophotonics labs.