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Researchers and Clinicians

Our technologies offer an excellent opportunity for original research in your field of work.

The Lumasonix Blood Cell Analyzer, LBCA is available to researchers interested in blood and/or cancer cell characterization. It will interesting to explore applications to other biological cells for the technology.

The Lumasonix Tissue Analyzer, LTA offers an excellent tool for original research in soft tissue characterization in a clinical setup. The LTA is available to medical professionals and researchers who feel that photoacoustic spectroscopy co-registered with ultrasound images can help them improve clinical outcomes in their field of work.

The intended use of LTA is to non-destructively acquire, store, retrieve, display and manipulate co-registered ultrasound and photoacoustic full volume images of excised surgical tissue for real time review enabling clinicians to make timely judgments during surgery.

Strategic Partners

Lumasonix offers a unique opportunity for our partners to expand their product portfolio and to develop new offerings for their customers with its patent protected innovative technologies and knowhow.

Lumasonix is interested in technology co-development, out-licensing and partnership opportunities. Lumasonix is also exploring international strategic partnership opportunities. Our potential partners are established in-vitro diagnostic device and/or medical imaging equipment companies who are interested in growing their market share with our technologies.

Accredited and Institutional Investors

Lumasonix Inc., a Canadian company formed in 2011, is a development stage medical device company, focused on building a truly unique product and brand presence.

Help us help eradicate cancer by early detection with your expertise or funding.

Lumasonix is raising seed capital with contributions from a pool of qualified accredited investors for development of regulatory and commercial pathways. The investment will help accelerate the lab-to-clinic transition and offers rewards commensurate with the risk in early stage investing.


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